Halkswood Training Systems can offer you:

  • Personalised 6 monthly training programs
  • Opportunity to train with Level 3 UCI (MTB, Road, Track, CX), Level 1 NCAS (Road, Track & MTB) cycling coaches.
  • Ability to learn and enhance your current bike skills
  • Support at selected races and events
  • Advice and programs for strength & conditioning, nutrition, stretching, core stability and rehabilitation
  • Professional bike fit
  • Sports science assessments, analysis and review
  • Greg and the Halkswood team offer quality coaching and racing support from extensive experience at National and International levels in MTB, Road, Track and Cyclocross
  • 7 day week access via email, skype, text, phone

HAlkswood Packages

Startup Fee is payable at first consultation and is credited toward the first 6 month individual training program upon acceptance of the terms and conditions of the program agreement and payment of the balance of the first 6 monthly account. No program information shall be released until payment of accounts in full.

Age group categories stated relate to age attained by the rider/athlete in the calendar year of each program set. (*No rider/athlete under 13 years of age within the calendar year of the program set is eligible)

Individual program is the program developed by Halkswood Training Systems® and in this case relates to 1 x 6 month planner, 3 x 8 weekly program reviews and 1 x 6 monthly bike fit review, 3 x 2 monthly skills sessions, emailed news and information. Weekly multimedia contact.

Power/Heart Rate analysis via functional threshold and peak testing on Wattbike® (6 weekly) Monitoring via private dropbox and calendar
*power not avail to U15


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