Envieux Norco Team 2017 announcement

Halkswood is excited to present a fantastic Junior cycling team primarily focused on mountain biking & Cyclocross whilst ultimately offering support to furthering the development of Halkswood’s aspiring junior athletes to a higher level.

Partnering with fantastic companies like Norco Bicycles Australia, ENVIEUX Cycling Apparel, Met Helmets, Gu Energy and Continental tires, allows the athletes access to state of the art equipment and necessities to mirror the effort that each athlete puts into their cycling development.

Halkswood chose to support under 19 & under 23 athletes in effort to try limit the expenses faced in the sport of cycling for families and individuals.

‘ENVIEUX – NORCO’ aims to have it’s athletes competing at major State, National and International cycling events throughout the year whilst also maintaining support of each athlete pursuing studies.

Rider Roster 2017:

Alex Meyland (Rec MTB) Team Owner, Manager

Greg Meyland (Rec MTB) Team Coach, Manager

Rob Sullivan (MTB-Road) Team Mechanic, Manager

Todd Cuthbert (Masters MTB) Team Mentor, Manager

Jasper Albrecht (MU19 MTB/CX) Team Captain

Damian Flatz (MU19 MTB)

Josh Gallagher (MU19 MTB)

Alexander Matthews (MU19 MTB/CX)

Callum Grant (MU19 MTB)

Piper Albrecht (MU19 MTB/CX)

Jordan Schmidt (MU23 MTB)


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