Seems like years since Halkswood commenced.

As a whole of athlete training organisation Halkswood have been busy preparing for change in 2019.

Working primarily on Cycling Australia Coach Education has meant spending less time at the races and more time looking at results on screen. University still plays a large part of the professional development for Halkswood staff. We are ready to embark on the international train with our athletes heading overseas to compete whilst we prepare for the delivery of level 1 and 2 road and track courses around the globe starting with Sydney, then across to South Africa and finishing up in Asia. So much happening and so exciting!

The Halkswood Training Systems training centre is complete with facilities for strength and conditioning, sports science lab and a treatment centre for manual therapies and recovery.

Halkswood still work with Norco Bikes Australia as brand ambassadors and encourage all of our viewers/readers to look at Norco as a bicycle brand when considering your next bike.

The Halkswood inspired Ergobase, Ergopower, Ergospeed and Ergopeak training programs are now ready for BETA testing throughout Australia in preparation for complete roll out which is also exciting news!

We are in a transition phase of coaching where we are shifting our focus onto the development of coaches by providing opportunities and inspiring them to go beyond their areas of comfort.

As a result of all of the change we have moved a large number of our athletes across to Todd Cuthbert and with our highest performers we are working as mentors and providing the opportunity for them to become exceptional independent beings as they manage their training under our guidance.

The roads and pathways take many turns, lead to places we never thought and offer exciting prospects for our 4 sided pyramid philosophy.

Have a great week!


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