Jessica Douglas wins Australian 24 hr MTB Championships

Last weekend the culmination of 12 weeks of planning and training finally paid off for Halkswood Training Systems athlete Jess Douglas.
In a late plan with a quick meeting and physiology testing session we were able to assess the possibility of Jess winning another title to bring her wins up to 3 at Aust Champs to go with her 3 world champs wins.


Jess needed a new approach to raise the bar on her rivals and the goal of increasing the laps over 24 hrs from 28 to 30 certainly provided a challenge for the team.
We first needed to check that Jess would be able to produce the goods required to attain the goal and then develop a strategy to keep Jess focused on that goal. That meant keeping a cap on the desire to just ride, to make each session meaningful, to keep the ooogly booogley’s at bay and ensure that the vegan diet would support her workloads.


It was at the Victorian Cyclocross Championships  where Halkswood were supporting our athletes Teagan Atherstone (pictured above) and Ben Walkerden to their State gold medals that we chatted about the 24 hr plan and Jess’s CX bike has played a huge role and had a hammering with distance rides and comfy recovery rides.
Testing and retesting. MTB night rides at the You Yangs near Geelong and countless ergos to build a faster stronger Jess.
Well, it at paid off last weekend with Jess not only achieving her goal of 30 laps, the laps were completed in 23 hrs which meant that there were 2 more as a potential. Fortunately Jess had lapped 2nd place twice which meant that she had 2 laps up her sleeve at 23 hrs. No brainer really… it a day and leave possibility in the bag for next year. Supported by husband Norm in the pits as before, Jess had nothing to worry about when it came to feeding, bike and lights.


It has been a great pleasure to work with the Douglas Bus and we look forward to continuing the support. Much much more to come




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