Busy week

493I wish this was the reason for not being at races this week!

Minor surgery has me on the sidelines for the moment.

Not so for the Halkswood athletes with Josh and Teagan racing the 3rd round of the RAMBO series at Wagga Wagga. Yep,  Wagga Wagga just in case you didn’t get it first time.

Reports from Teagan’s mum Jenny has Teagan winning her race with a crash and puncture to go into the log book and Josh having a less than perfect race missing the start! Hmmmmmmm.

Teagan continues to lead the open women’s RAMBO 1.5 hr series with 3 wins from 3 starts and with 3 more races to come we know the goal of 6 from 6 is on the agenda.

Others are spread around chasing climbs in Sydney, Bright, Geelong, and the peninsular.

We are excited to have 2 new members in the Halkswood MTB family with Jess Douglas seeking some new guidance and structure for the Scott 24 hr later in the year and our road cycling mountain climbing star Abby Gray taking a first ride on a NORCO Revolver 29er mountain bike looking to transition to XCO look out J19 women.

Onward and Upward via the 4 sided Pyramid

Success through structure


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