National Cyclocross Series Rds 3 & 4

The Podium
“The Podium” 1st Tom Green (HTS)- 2nd Ben Walkerden (HTS) – 3rd Nick Smith

2015-06-22 13.52.16-1 20150620_155633_014_01                        20150620_155645_008_01

Rounds 3 and 4 of the MTBA national cyclocross series were run by the super professional Fields of Joy CX crew last weekend. The Halkswood Clubgear JM 19  cyclocross team had a handle on the event with Tom Green winning both races and Ben Walkerden securing his first national CX medal with second place in round 4.

Riley Morgan happy to finish after borrowing a bike to give it a crack! completed the races with his skin intact and a whole new appreciation for the sport.


So where to next?

After discussions with Tom we are looking to secure opportunities for his return to the international scene later in the year and already have stated to create the interest that will see him with support for the season. There are a significant few days after Christmas that may be on the agenda for the team in Europe 2015-16.

After Ben gets his head around his first real taste of the national podium we will consider his options with him and look at what the rest of the season has in stall.

Riley when quizzed about his thoughts on cyclocross calmly said ” That was tough” Unfortunately the cantilevers and small block 8’s didn’t really help his days of racing and  Halkswood are looking into it.


Well, It’s not really new……

Greg And Alex of Halkswood Training Systems have had a little to do with CX in the past. Hoogerheide 2014 in fact. World Championships and the learning year for Australian national teams at Cyclocross World Championships.


We have been quiet about our plans in the past however we can now confirm that Halkswood Training Systems have the knowledge, experience and backup to support the emerging sport of cyclocross and it’s many developing riders here in Australia. We have the coaching experience as UCI and NCAS level 1 and 2 coaches to assist riders to become athletes under the 4 Sided Pyramid coaching philosophy.


Alex Meyland at World CX Championships 2014

Contact Halkswood Training Systems for information on how to start your transformation from cyclist to athlete.


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