RAMBO SERIES SWOOP @ BEECHWORTH for Halkswood athletes Riley, Teagan and Josh.

1st 1st and 3rd.

Congratulations team we are proud of your work.20150614_135636

These 3 are definitely on the way to bigger things in the future. Goals? Teagan – consistent lap times, Josh – to test out a dual suspension option before the new NORCO dual suspension Revlover arrives in the stable. (We all agree that an enduro bike doesn’t  cut it for a 1.5 hr xc race) Riley wanted to hit it hard to test his warm up protocol then settle and spin for the rest of the race. Well, he warmed up. He hit hard. However he missed the easy spin component and finished 10 mins up. Hmmm. All in all a great mtb event put on by the Wangaratta Cycling Club for the second round of the RAMBO series. 20150614_124509_011


More to come regarding our “Roadies” @Shepparton 2 day junior tour. Both Abby and Jas lining up in under 17 men and women looking for top 10 on the overall. Fingers crossed!


Abby in time trial mode.


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