Seems like years since Halkswood commenced.

As a whole of athlete training organisation Halkswood have been busy preparing for change in 2019.

Working primarily on Cycling Australia Coach Education has meant spending less time at the races and more time looking at results on screen. University still plays a large part of the professional development for Halkswood staff. We are ready to embark on the international train with our athletes heading overseas to compete whilst we prepare for the delivery of level 1 and 2 road and track courses around the globe starting with Sydney, then across to South Africa and finishing up in Asia. So much happening and so exciting!

The Halkswood Training Systems training centre is complete with facilities for strength and conditioning, sports science lab and a treatment centre for manual therapies and recovery.

Halkswood still work with Norco Bikes Australia as brand ambassadors and encourage all of our viewers/readers to look at Norco as a bicycle brand when considering your next bike.

The Halkswood inspired Ergobase, Ergopower, Ergospeed and Ergopeak training programs are now ready for BETA testing throughout Australia in preparation for complete roll out which is also exciting news!

We are in a transition phase of coaching where we are shifting our focus onto the development of coaches by providing opportunities and inspiring them to go beyond their areas of comfort.

As a result of all of the change we have moved a large number of our athletes across to Todd Cuthbert and with our highest performers we are working as mentors and providing the opportunity for them to become exceptional independent beings as they manage their training under our guidance.

The roads and pathways take many turns, lead to places we never thought and offer exciting prospects for our 4 sided pyramid philosophy.

Have a great week!


What a weekend! Halkswood Athletes haul in the medals.

Cyclocross fever hit Australia this weekend with the first ever UCI C2 CX race in downtown Melbourne.

Rad course with the Fields Of Joy crew making the event a spectacular show.

Halkswood athletes put out some “Thump Power (TM)” supremacy taking home plenty of medals with each athlete riding to or above the goals for the event.

Saturday morning William Webb our JM17 rider got some action and has a silver medal in the trophy cabinet while Piper Albrecht just off the plane from a 16 week XCO stint in Austria held together for the bronze medal in JM19. Though day for the spider monkey (Xan Matthews) binning it on a couple of corners sending the derailleur into the wheel resulting in a long run to the pits. Want to put out a big thanks to Anikkan Williams and his dad for passing a spare bike to Xan while the bent hanger was repaired. Todd Cuthbert the Halkswood mentor rode to target and secured 2nd place in the MM2 race.

Our only female rider at the event Erin Mitchell (current Aus champion WU23) had a great race in elites with a race lap finish to reward her efforts.

Next up the elite men’s race with all the usual suspects and a few new ones!

Jasper Albrecht in final prep for XCO World Championships in Cairns next month used the event to practice race starts in a bunch and was able to earn some top 20 UCI bucks in the process. Not forgetting that Jasper qualified for CX worlds in 2017 then choosing to focus on representing Aus at XCO Worlds. A tough decision for a young man with the world in his grasp.

Our Halkswood China athlete Xiangran Luo bringing some international flavour to the event raced hard and fell victim to cramps in the calf from the brutal hill closing the days race for him.


Rain rain rain yes yes yes! What every true cyclocross rider prays for. Well at least the Halkswood Training Systems athletes do.

Knowing what is in stall for athletes in Europe we train for the wet weather. Skills come to the fore and today the medal tally peaked.

First off was Will Webb with a silver medal and a beaming smile.

Alexander (Xan) Matthews pulled out all stops and secured his first National gold medal by winning the JM19 event in style. Xan and team mate Piper Albrecht rode off the front together leaving all others sitting in the mud. A great effort for the lads running 1st and 2nd.

Xiangran starting more paced today finishes by riding through the field picking up some valuable race craft.

Todd Cuthbert backed up Saturday’s race with a third place and data showing some very consistent numbers.

Jasper cut some laps after starting from the back of the large field then moving up to 7th (goal complete) before reducing the gas and rolling to the finish.

Halkswood Training Systems wish to thank Sunbury Cycling Club and the EssenDon Fields of Joy crew for believing in a dream big enough to bring dreams to reality. Thanks to UCI cyclocross and most importantly thank you to the sponsors Airport Toyota for supporting a crazy bunch who race bikes on your hill.

#4sidedpyramid #thumppower


UCI headquarters Aigle SwitzerlandWelcome back to the Union Cycliste Internationale!!

The UCI World Cycling Centre in Aigle Switzerland is the training centre for elite athletes and coaches from around the world.

In 2014 after coaching the Australian Cyclocross and Australian Junior XCO development teams in Europe Greg Founder of Halkswood Training Systems trained at the UCI headquarters gaining Level 2 Mountain Bike coaching qualifications. Upon returning from Switzerland Greg continued to implement the Mountain Bike Australia junior development program at National and State based camps from the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra and Bright Chalet in Victoria.

The training provided by the UCI has enabled Greg to develop coaching strategies and philosophies to build athletes to become peak international performers.

Never resting, Greg has continued by working hard to establish links to develop coach education across Australia and Asia. Delivering level 1 mountain bike coach and level 0 mountain bike skills coach programs feeds Greg’s goals of life long learning and best practice.

This leaves no doubt as to Greg’s commitment to athlete and coach development which makes no surprise that Greg is off to Switzerland again recommended by Cycling Australia and Mountain Bike Australia to study the final and highest qualification of UCI Level 3 Cycling Coach.


The late nights of Exercise and Sports Science university studies gave way for work in China during April May with Halkswood Training Systems expanding into the Australasian sector. We have been diligently working toward establishing lab testing for our China based athletes.

An exciting opportunity to develop a working relationship with Shanghai based cycle studio “Spinback Indoor Cycling” resulted in our first offshore test centre.

Spinback the first cycle studio in Shanghai is ranked in the top 5 luxe studios in the world for indoor cycling and sets an exciting environment for our athletes.

Halkswood has developed “Ergo(R) a program platform of indoor sessions to provide the perfect opportunity for athletes to train indoors with specific training goals in mind and Halkswood Ergo coaches Greg and Mark worked flat out educating new Ergo Coaches in the Halkswood Philosophy of training “4 Sided Pyramid(TM)”. Education sessions on ERGOREC(TM), ERGOPOWER(TM) and ERGOSPLOSIVE(TM) were delivered with great results.

This is a new way forward for working with athletes during the harsh winter months and the humid spring and summer months in one of the worlds largest cities.

Keep an eye out for Ergo(R) as we roll it out internationally for our growing number of international athletes as well as our Australian base.

If you are interested in more information on how to access our programming talk to one of our coaches or contact via


Jessica Douglas wins Australian 24 hr MTB Championships

Last weekend the culmination of 12 weeks of planning and training finally paid off for Halkswood Training Systems athlete Jess Douglas.
In a late plan with a quick meeting and physiology testing session we were able to assess the possibility of Jess winning another title to bring her wins up to 3 at Aust Champs to go with her 3 world champs wins.


Jess needed a new approach to raise the bar on her rivals and the goal of increasing the laps over 24 hrs from 28 to 30 certainly provided a challenge for the team.
We first needed to check that Jess would be able to produce the goods required to attain the goal and then develop a strategy to keep Jess focused on that goal. That meant keeping a cap on the desire to just ride, to make each session meaningful, to keep the ooogly booogley’s at bay and ensure that the vegan diet would support her workloads.


It was at the Victorian Cyclocross Championships  where Halkswood were supporting our athletes Teagan Atherstone (pictured above) and Ben Walkerden to their State gold medals that we chatted about the 24 hr plan and Jess’s CX bike has played a huge role and had a hammering with distance rides and comfy recovery rides.
Testing and retesting. MTB night rides at the You Yangs near Geelong and countless ergos to build a faster stronger Jess.
Well, it at paid off last weekend with Jess not only achieving her goal of 30 laps, the laps were completed in 23 hrs which meant that there were 2 more as a potential. Fortunately Jess had lapped 2nd place twice which meant that she had 2 laps up her sleeve at 23 hrs. No brainer really… it a day and leave possibility in the bag for next year. Supported by husband Norm in the pits as before, Jess had nothing to worry about when it came to feeding, bike and lights.


It has been a great pleasure to work with the Douglas Bus and we look forward to continuing the support. Much much more to come



Halkswood Training Systems athletes eat gravity for breakfast

Halkswood riders Tom Snowdon and Jasper Albrecht took on the states best gravity riders at Alpine Gravity’s first round of the 2015/16 Alpine Gravity Enduro series.

Tom an already seasoned enduro rider is going through the process of rider to athlete transformation and now is starting to enjoy the benefit of targeted training. So Tom, welcome to the top step!

Jasper, one of our Envieux Norco team members thought it might be great to ride a bit of enduro for cross training and a skills sharpener. 5th place on a borrowed bike is a pretty good entrance to the sport.

Well done lads! Onward and upward with the 4 sided pyramid.

Jas on the wall from Bendigo 6. Photo by Open Shutter Photography.
Jas on the wall from Bendigo 6. Photo by Open Shutter Photography.
Tom centre "Train hard to get lucky"
Tom centre “Train hard to get lucky”

Halkswood athletes in control

Teagan Atherstone and Josh Sullivan have won the female and men RAMBO finals at Albury today finishing the series off in 1st place Female and 1st place Male overall. Fantastic commitment by the super quick duo and their parents over the season. Halkswood Training Systems are excited to be heading into the 2015/16 Mountain Bike Australia National XCO series with Teagan and Josh both ready to move toward the top step.

Teagan and Josh

4 sided pyramid driving success.

Studies and National Champions

A busy August with Ben Walkerden leaping his way up the hill at Fields of Joy National Cyclocross Championships and Halkswood head coach completing a small biomechanics research project on pumping for speed. In similar style to his State Championship win Ben rode off the front of the race leaving the competition to think about second place. A convincing win for Ben and a perfect lead up to the question of 2016 World Championships in Zolder, Belgium. For Greg, a vice chancellor letter of commendation for the research project! Wow! What now? Planning is underway for the lead into world championship with many race options available. Ben had committed himself to winning the National Championships and left no stone unturned. Halkswood Training Systems  developed the coaching product of the trademark “4 Sided Pyramid” which was instrumental in the successful planning for this National Championship medal and also left no stone unturned. Of course Ben’s commitment makes success appear easy. However, learning about himself and what he could achieve with new found self belief and strategic training made a significant difference for Ben. Well done! Well deserved! You are a champion!

Golden smile for Ben Walkerden
Golden smile for Ben Walkerden
Ben Walkerden your new mens 19 National Champion
Ben Walkerden your new mens 19 National Champion

Josh Sullivan grips RAMBO in a headlock

Josh Sullivan backs up his great result in the Victorian JM 19 ITT with a win in the 4th round of the RAMBO series. All smiles and very excited to get this weeks racing in the bag after digging deep in the weeks of lead up training for the ITT yesterday. Hard work makes us lucky! Well done yet again Josh!! MUDPACK SUNDAY

(photos Richard Smyth)

Wet conditions suit talented Halkswood rider Josh
Wet conditions suit talented Halkswood rider Josh

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